Apartment living has its perks.  It is usually not difficult to find a perfect place close to work, shopping, or entertainment.  Many complexes come with amenities like workout rooms and swimming pools.  However, apartment dwellers face challenges too. Here are some apartment hacks to make your living situation a little easier.

The Teeny Tiny Bathroom Situation


Let’s face it, most apartments do not use much space for the bathroom.  You may be lucky to get a single cabinet to store all your supplies.  Hopefully, there is a hall closet, but if that is not the case, here are some hacks that can help:

Plan Your Trips Up and Down the Stairs

Unless you scored an apartment on the first floor with parking just outside your door, you probably have to trek a bit with groceries and laundry.  Use these tips for more efficient trips:

Storing Shoes and Accessories in Your Closet


Most apartment closets are small.  It is hard enough to find room for all your clothes.  Try these tips to maximize your space:

Use Your Living Area as Extra Storage Space

So you have maximized your closet space with creative hacks and you still need more space.  Either it is time to get rid of some things, OR try these storage hacks:

With these tips and tricks, you can make living in an apartment a bit easier. Try some out and let us know what works versus what doesn’t! Happy living!

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