Decorating? Save Money!

Moving can be very costly. There are many things you have to pay for when moving like deposits to rent, fees to set up services, and other miscellaneous costs. Something else that many people like to do when they move is go out and purchase new things for the home. These purchase can really add […]

Stay on Track During The Holidays

Holidays don’t mean you have to let your health and fitness goals slide! Holidays can mean a lot of celebration, togetherness, food, goodies, and the list can go on. While this time is filled with fun, it also can do some damage to your fitness and health goals. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite […]

A Quick “How-To” Train Your Puppy

A lot of people dream of having cuddly new pets. Who doesn’t love puppies? Unfortunately, the reality of having a new puppy in the house isn’t as good as the fiction. Puppies are a lot of work, and depending on the breed, training a new puppy is not easy. Lucky for you, we are bringing […]

Before You Move to an MCLife San Antonio Community, Read This

Moving isn’t cheap. There are fees and costs that most people aren’t even aware of that can really add up in the long run. Before embarking on a move, take into account the costs of moving. The Costs of Moving Everyone Should Know: Moving Companies If you are moving somewhere local you might not have […]

Reasons to Incorporate Cardio in Your Life

I hate to state the obvious, but… Most of us by now know that getting enough cardio is vital to our overall health. However, do we know exactly what benefits come from getting that heart rate up? Below, I talk about my favorite benefits of doing cardio. Check it out! 1.) It is all about […]

Warm Up With These Toasty Drinks

As the weather gets colder and we pull out our sweaters and boots, it is time to think about other ways to stay warm. From building a fire to snuggling up in bed, there’s nothing like staying in on a cold day. If you’re looking for something to warm your insides as well, take a […]

We’ve Got Brunch on the Brain….

Hungry? We are! One of our favorite things to do over the weekend is going out for brunch. If you love brunch then you need to read this blog. We have picked out the 5 best places for brunch around San Antonio. Whether you’re looking for Southern comfort food, an old fashion diner or a sweet, […]

Let There Be Light!

Living in an apartment oftentimes requires you to decorate in a small space, without big changes like painting, or taking on any renovations on your own. One thing that gets overlooked is lighting. Lighting can easily transform a space, open it open, and change the atmosphere. This blog will teach how to select lighting for […]

Your Dog Needs Friends!

You just brought home a furry best friend and you want to introduce them to everyone you know, but you’re not sure how they’ll react. You need to know how to introduce your dog to strangers to make sure they have a positive experience and grow up to be friendly. Here are a few tips […]

Take A Tour This Summer Of The Best Local San Antonio Breweries

When you think of summer, what comes to mind first? Is it the hot, hot heat that pools around you and covers you like a blanket? Or the brisk summer evenings where your stress sizzles out to nothing? Or how about just the idea of having a cold beer with some friends and just having […]