No matter who your valentine is this year we have a perfect last minute gift idea to make them smile. These last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas are great for celebrating valentine’s day in San Antonio! 

Some of these are even digital gifts that you can buy on the day of…or after if you are late and playing catch up (no judgement here)! These affordable ways to spread love and well wishes after a tough year are sure to make everyone happy! 

Last Minute Gifts for Valentine’s Day in San Antonio: 

Let’s dive in and find some great Valentine’s Day gifts that can be here in a flash…even if you just started shopping now and need something to wow all the loves in your life this year! 

State Cutting Boards

These adorable cutting boards are useful and fun. You can incorporate this gift into a date night at home. Fill it with all the fixings for a dessert charcuterie board and pop in a romantic comedy! That easy you have a gift, a date, and a relaxing night at home! 

The Bucket List Book

If your valentine is adventurous you’ll definitely want to check out this awesome bucket list book. It’s filled with tons of ideas for adventures large and small that you can tackle in the months and years to come…together! 

Six Pack Gift Box

Looking for a reason to surprise your valentine with some beer…but in a cute way? This six pack gift box carrier can help. Nothing says 2021 like booze so cheers to Valentine’s Day and forgetting about life for a while with a few drinks! 

Love Coupons

Head over to Etsy and look for some Valentine’s Day Coupons. There are tons of options that you can buy right now (yay for supporting small businesses and individuals during this tough time) and many of them you can print at home. If you are down to the crunch zone and really need a gift idea something you can print right now is perfect. 

Forever Roses

Is your valentine obsessed with those Instagram worthy forever roses? Splurge and get them some of their own! These roses last a heck of a lot longer than the ones you would buy from the grocery store and they’ll be delivered right to your door so there’s no need to leave the house! 

Beard Balm

Has your valentine spent quarantine growing out their beard? If so you’ll likely need to get them some grooming tools to manage all that new facial hair. This is a great beard balm and thanks to Amazon it can be here in a flash! 

Gift Cards

Let’s talk gift cards for a second…you can get gift cards for all the usual things like takeout, Netflix (and chill), and their favorite stores but what about something a little more? You can print gift cards at home today for places like Ticketmaster, AirBnB, and more. If we need anything right now it’s hope for those future trips we will take and events we’ll attend. This year a gift card for something to do in the future might be just what you need to say “I love you…and we will get through this.” 

Learn Something New

Gift cards and subscriptions to things like Audible and Babble are a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day! Give the people you love the gift of knowledge and with all of us looking at a lot more down time than we’re used to this is a great way to also help your loved ones stay happy and healthy! 

Take The Bummer Chores

Looking for a free way to show your loved one that you care this year? Spend a few minutes thinking about what they really hate to do every day or week. What are the worst chores in their mind? Take over those responsibilities for a while. We have all spent so much extra time cooped up, repeating the same things over and over again, a change from the routine is a welcome distraction and a special treat! 

DIY Projects 

Get your hands dirty this Valentine’s Day and help your significant other tackle a project they’ve been talking about. What’s the one thing you’ve been talking about doing since quarantine hit? Can you help your valentine make that goal a reality? After all these months cooped up at home accomplishing even a small DIY project for your home can feel like a very big deal! It’s a great way to spend some time working towards a common goal for this holiday of love and togetherness…it doesn’t hurt if there’s takeout and chocolate as a reward at the end! 

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