Spring has sprung. It’s over, people. It’s time to throw those sweaters and cardigans in the back of your closet and start spending insane amounts of money on swimsuits and sunglasses (that you will lose, over and over and over again.)

Summer is crawling upon us, and with that comes those wonderful summer nights that you dreamed about while curling up to a heating pad during the winter. Wearing shorts, getting tanned, the smell of sunscreen, sleeveless shirts- it’s summertime, y’all.

That beautiful summer sun is more than enough of an excuse to step outside and get a breath of fresh air. Hang out with some friends, take your pets for a walk, start a garden, lounge by the pool, do whatever you can to get enough hours outside before winter creeps back in.

Speaking of the most beautiful time of the year- you know who may be a big- nay, the biggest- fan of summertime?

Your dog.

Summer is your dog’s bread and butter. More time in the park? Check. An excuse to run through every sprinkler system in the neighborhood? Check. Beach trips? Check. Extended hours playing in the backyard? Check. Sun, like, all day long? Check. The smell of cookouts and the possibilities of snagging an unattended hotdog on any given day? Check and check.

Your dog loves summer.

And luckily, there are places in your area that love your dog.

It’s become increasingly popular for local restaurants and bars to reevaluate their pet policy. Long gone are the days where you got shamed for being too attached to your dog. In fact, most bars are more than dog friendly these days. (Some of them even have specialty dog menus. Can I get a puppachino, anyone?)

So why not grab your pup and head on out this summer? We’ve found some great local spots that will allow your furry friend to tag along on one of those hot summer hangouts.

Los Patios

Just a 13-minute drive from The Place at Castle Hills sits Los Patios- with their Gazebo of amazingness. Perfect for you and your pup, Los Patios offers a Texmex menu, but have a ton of reviews that say their Chicken a la King is where it’s at. They have a relaxing outdoor environment that is incredibly welcoming to you and your pet and even offer a free water bowl for your pup upon request.

The Friendly Spot

One of their top reviews says that they’re not only dog friendly but that “You can bring a cow and they will be fine with it.” (Challenge accepted?) This outdoor restaurant is the perfect place for you and your friends to meet up and create the perfect dog/human gang. 20-minutes from your door at Shadow Valley, it’s recommended you bring a blanket for your pet and get ready to enjoy a cold beer and a good time.

Crumpets Restaurant & Bakery

If you’re looking for some fine European faire, then you’re looking for Crumpets. Not the actual food, but the restaurant. With a dog-friendly patio out back, Crumpets is known for its ambiance and friendly service. Known for their house vinaigrette and baked brie- get ready to fill your stomach with good food and your day with a good time. Just a quick 10-minute drive from The Place at Oak Hills!

Landry’s Seafood House

The San Antonio Riverwalk is a popular spot during the summer, and if you and your pup are looking for a place to stop and hang out- then Landry’s is it. Seafood served fresh every day, Landry’s also offers a water bowl for your pup and a great Riverwalk view. 20-minutes from The Place at Castle Hills, this place promises a good time and amazing food.

Trilogy Pizza & Wine Bistro

Pizza and wine. Pizza AND wine? Okay, I’m in. Build your own pizza, enjoy a glass of wine this summer with your favorite pet at your side. Their yelp testimonials claim they have some of the best pizza in San Antonio, which isn’t even their only selling point. They also have a cheesecake of the day, and a naked cannoli shot. So if you’re still reading this and not already grabbing your bag and leash and heading out, then all you gotta know is that it’s located on Stone Oak Parkway just 15 minutes from Castle Hills and Oak Hills, and 25 minutes from Shadow Valley. See you there this summer, y’all!

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